Storix® Releases System Backup Administrator v8.1

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Storix® Releases System Backup Administrator v8.1

Flexible Bare-Metal Recovery for Linux and UNIX Systems

San Diego – August 15, 2012 – Storix, Inc., announced the general availability of System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin) version 8.1, which includes new features and enhancements to further simplify system recovery, while providing additional flexibility for a wider range of customer environments.

SBAdmin goes beyond just data backup, providing customers with flexible bare-metal recovery capabilities. SBAdmin includes the tools necessary to reliably restore entire systems, including the operating system (OS), application(s), user configurations and data to dissimilar hardware, significantly reducing down-time.

Summary of new features and enhancements:

  • Utilize NFS storage during backup and system recovery
  • Oracle Solaris ZFS encryption support
  • Linux LVM mirroring support
  • Improved Web and Graphical Interface
  • Linux Device Detection

“Being a company founded by System Administrators, we are probably the biggest fans of the product,” says Rich Turner, Vice President of Product Development at Storix, Inc. “We understand how difficult disaster recovery can be and focus on making that process easier for users. Saving time means saving money. We also want our customers to know the software is so much more than an insurance policy against total system failure. With SBAdmin, users can perform “real everyday” system administration tasks, such as: hardware server migrations, cloning, provisioning and even software storage migrations for better system performance.”

Summary of SBAdmin Features:

  • Flexible Bare-Metal Recovery
  • Options TSM Integration
  • P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V Migrations
  • Centralized Backup Management
  • Supports AIX, Linux, and Solaris

About SBAdmin®

SBAdmin provides Adaptable System Recovery (ASR), the ability to rebuild AIX, Solaris, or Linux systems from bare-metal, giving customers the flexibility to alter the configuration as needed to fit onto any hardware or virtual configuration. ASR adapts a backup to the hardware detected during installation, rebuilding the new system to the same state as the prior system. The complete restore from bare-metal can be managed locally or remotely and can take just minutes.

The power and flexibility of ASR greatly reduces downtime during disasters or planned outages, exceeding the user’s RTO. SBAdmin can also be used for provisioning/cloning of multiples systems and software storage alteration for improved system availability, recoverability and performance.

SBAdmin is available for Linux, AIX and Solaris. Hardware support includes all POWER, Intel 32-bit and 64-bit, and SPARC.

SBAdmin v8.1 is available for free 30-day trial at:

About Storix, Inc.

Storix is the trusted expert in UNIX backup and system recovery solutions for over 9,000 global customers. For more information about Storix, please visit or contact a Storix representative at (877) STORIX1 (877-786-7491).

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