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  • disaster recovery test results BCDR – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Part 3: Your Disaster Recovery Test Results Checklist - Even the best DR plans don’t always generate the most useful disaster recovery test results. Use this seven-step checklist to make sure you’re doing it right.
  • restore to dissimilar hardware Consider This Common ‘Gotcha’ Before Your Next Disaster Recovery - It’s essential to back up your systems and data the right way. Here’s why you may have to restore to dissimilar hardware after your next server outage.
  • disaster recovery test BCDR – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Part 2: DR Testing - The thought of your next disaster recovery test shouldn’t give you headaches. Follow these three simple tips to make your testing easier and more effective.
  • ransomware backup strategy Ransomware Backup Strategy: Beyond the 3-2-1 Rule - Your ransomware backup strategy should be simple, but if it’s missing some key elements, it’s bound to fail. Find out what to do—and what to avoid.
  • All-in-One-Backup Solutions All-in-One-Backup Solutions: Can One Backup Solution Really Do It All? - All-in-One-Backup Solutions offer single-vendor convenience, but do they meet the needs for your Linux and Unix systems? Not really.
  • RTO and RPO RTO and RPO: What They Mean and How to Achieve Them - RTO and RPO are essential metrics for your business. Here’s how to arrive at goals that will help you protect your business from extended server downtime.
  • bare-metal restore Bare-Metal Restore: How to Protect Your Business - Many companies aren’t adequately prepared to perform a bare-metal restore. Here’s why most backups aren’t enough—and what you should do instead.
  • red hat linux backup and restore Red Hat Linux Backup and Restore: Are You Fully Protected? - f you’re running Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, you’re running on the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform. Since no software or hardware is infallible, at some point, your server is going to go down. You may be tempted to say, “We’re covered. We have a Red Hat Linux backup and restore solution in place. We’ll just bring everything back online and carry on as always.” But that may not be the entire story.
  • cloud migration challenges Overcome Cloud Migration Challenges with Our On-Prem to Cloud Approach - One of today’s greatest cloud migration challenges actually sounds deceptively easy: lift and shift. The idea is that if you want to go on-prem to cloud, you can simply pick up your existing workloads and move them from your own servers to the cloud. In theory, it’s all just a matter of migration. In practice, it often gets much more complicated than that. Are you considering moving some of your workloads to the cloud? If so, you’ll likely run into some of the cloud migration challenges we outline here. Are you considering moving some of your workloads to the cloud? If so, you’ll likely run into some of the cloud migration challenges we outline here.
  • AIX backup software AIX mksysb: Here’s Something Even Better - It’s alarming each time we hear that some AIX system administrators aren’t doing full-system backup. If you’re not backing up your applications and your operating system, you’re leaving your business vulnerable to extended downtime. If you’re like most sysadmins, you’ll probably say, “We’re OK—I use AIX mksysb to back up everything.” We can certainly see why you love mksysb so much. It’s a tremendous backup utility. But as we explained in our last article, AIX mksysb may not be backing up absolutely everything you need. And this fantastic utility may be costing you more than you think in manpower. So, there’s a tradeoff involved here.
  • AIX backup software AIX Backup: Why You Need More Than mksysb - In our last article, we discussed the challenges of backing up Linux on IBM Power servers. In a nutshell, sysadmins often wish there were a mksysb for Linux—but there isn’t. So they resort to using one of the various backup systems on the market. But most of them provide either data-only backup or image backup, neither of which offers the comprehensive, flexible backup functionality that will fully protect your business. It’s best to go with a file-level backup solution instead.
  • Backup Solutions for Linux on Power Linux Backup on IBM Power: Where is my mksysb for Linux? - If you’re in charge of Linux backup on IBM Power systems, you’ve probably wished for mksysb. Here’s why you should be looking for more than AIX's mksysb.
  • SAP HANA backup SAP HANA Backup: Is Your Business Adequately Protected? - If your SAP HANA backup software only backs up data, it’s leaving you vulnerable. This white paper explains how true disaster recovery can help you meet your RTO.
  • rootkit attack Drovorub Linux Malware: A serious rootkit threat to Linux servers - You’ve probably read about the SolarWinds hack. It’s been all over the news the past couple weeks. The same group suspected of that hack is also behind a new rootkit called Drovorub. This attack specifically targets the Linux kernel versions 3.7 or lower due to a lack of adequate kernel signing enforcement.
  • Business Continuity BCDR – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Part 1: DR Planning - Understand how to ensure business continuity by creating a disaster recovery plan. Learn the key metrics involved. Read more.