Storix Announces Bare-Metal Restore for IBM PowerLinux

linux bare-metal recovery

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Storix Announces Bare-Metal Restore for IBM PowerLinux

linux bare-metal recovery

Storix Bare-Metal Recovery for IBM PowerLinux

Disaster Recovery for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell Suse Linux

San Diego – June 26, 2012 – Storix, Inc., today became the first company to provide a bare-metal recovery (BMR) solution for IBM’s new PowerLinux Systems. Storix’s System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin®) for PowerLinux has been specifically designed to support the next generation of Linux on IBM POWER7 processor-based hardware. SBAdmin provides a flexible backup and bare-metal recovery solution with capabilities to restore PowerLinux systems to the same or dissimilar hardware, significantly reducing down-time.

“For over 10-years, Storix has been the leader in reliable and flexible bare-metal recovery solutions for UNIX and Linux systems. We are excited to announce support for IBM PowerLinux Systems and Solutions,” says David Huffman, President/CEO of Storix Software. “We were the first to support BMR for Linux on POWER years ago and now we are the first to support BMR for IBM PowerLinux.”

“It is really exciting to see steps being made to provide customers the advantages of POWER7 hardware combined with the costs efficiencies typically associated with Linux, yielding increased system performance at a lower cost.” says Manuel Altamirano, Director of Sales and Marketing for Storix. “The timing of this announcement could not be better, as we will be exhibiting at the 2012 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World in Boston, Massachusetts this week.  You can find us at booth number 2916.”

Summary of SBAdmin for PowerLinux Features:

  • Flexible Bare-Metal Recovery
  • Optional TSM Integration
  • P2P, P2V, V2P Migrations
  • Centralized Backup Management

About SBAdmin®

SBAdmin provides Adaptable System Recovery (ASR), the ability to rebuild AIX, Solaris, or Linux systems from bare-metal, giving customers the flexibility to alter the configuration as needed to fit onto any hardware or virtual configuration. ASR adapts a backup to the hardware detected during installation, rebuilding the new system to the same state as the prior system. The complete restore from bare-metal can be managed locally or remotely and can take just minutes.

The power and flexibility of ASR greatly reduces downtime during disasters or planned outages, exceeding the user’s RTO. SBAdmin can also be used for provisioning/cloning of multiples systems and software storage alteration for improved system availability, recoverability and performance.

SBAdmin is available for Linux, AIX and Solaris. Hardware support includes all POWER, Intel 32-bit and 64-bit, and SPARC.

SBAdmin v7.2 is available for free 30-day trial at:

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