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Disaster Recovery Software for Linux and AIX

Faster recoveries. No backup plan is complete without the ability to restore the entire system.

A Better Disaster Recovery Software Solution

Server downtime can be caused by something as simple as a corrupt system file or a major disaster such as a hurricane. Whatever the cause and scope of the disaster, the consequences are the same – you no longer have the system, losses are mounting, and productivity is suffering. During a datacenter crisis, how long it takes to restore your Linux or AIX systems from a backup can make or break a business. Your disaster recovery software isn’t doing its job if it can’t get you back up and running quickly.

The ability to backup and recover the ENTIRE Linux or AIX system (OS and data) greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to recovery a critical system. This time is known as the Recovery Time Objective (RTO). With SBAdmin, you can reduce your RTO down to minutes for the operating system and with our Adaptable System Recovery (ASR) process, you can restore to dissimilar hardware and storage without worrying about drivers or modules.

Barriers to a timely system recovery

Your disaster recovery plan today may be to re-install the operating system from the original media or generic provisioning image. This is not disaster recovery. This may be the only option available with your current disaster recovery software for Linux or AIX. This results in very slow recovery times. Your aren’t recovering so much as starting over. The longer a system is in production, the more it differs from the original install. If you start over, you will need to re-apply security patches, updates, and re-install and re-configure applications before you can begin to restore the system’s data. Starting over is time consuming, inefficient, costly, and prone to error. Take out the risk and delays out of disaster recovery by restoring the ENTIRE system.

Solving the problem of lengthy downtime

SBAdmin disaster recovery software is designed to provide bare-metal recovery of AIX, Linux, and Solaris systems in their entirety, quickly and reliably so that you are able to resume operations with minimal downtime and effort. SBAdmin full-system backups can be restored to the same, similar, or completely different hardware using what we call Adaptable System Recovery (ASR). With ASR, you do not need to worry about keeping identical hardware available in case of a disaster. Your offsite recovery plan can be simplified by restoring production systems onto whatever hardware (physical or virtual) is readily available.

System recovery from local or remote devices
  • Tape (including autoloaders and libraries)
  • Disk (including SAN devices)
  • NFS
  • TSM Server

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