Backup Management

Software designed to scale from a single system to multiple datacenters.

Backup Encryption and Security

Not to be overlooked in any backup solution are the features that provide advanced data protection and that the application does not expose any security risks. You want the assurance that your backup data is safely managed and that there are safeguards should this backup fall into unauthorized hands.

When using SBAdmin, you can be assured that your backup data is both safe and secure. SBAdmin includes built-in security which limits access to backup servers, directories and devices. In addition, SBAdmin offers a backup encryption feature which is designed to ensure the backup data will only be read by those with the proper authentication.

Backup Data Encryption

The optional Backup Data Encryption feature ensures privacy of your data during and after a backup is performed. The data is encrypted on the client system, so only encrypted data is sent over the network when writing to a remote server. The encrypted data stored on the backup media may only be read by the original client system, or another system with the proper encryption keys installed.

Network Security

SBAdmin provides enhanced network security by limiting access to backup commands, files and directories, to specific hosts. Permissions on backups written to disk files or a TSM server may also be set so that only the originating host may read the backup. Using standard TCP/IP socket communications, you may also define your own port numbers to use, allowing you to further control access across firewalls. Because SBAdmin uses IP-based authentication, you should not use this product where Network Address Translation (NAT) routing or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) could affect the persistent host IP address.

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