How to configure color Themes for multiple groups

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How to configure color Themes for multiple groups

When using multiple groups with SBAdmin, it is possible to have multiple instances of the SBAdmin GUI or Web Interface running. To help identify which interface belongs to which group, it is possible to change the theme for each group. This HOW-TO will walk through adding a second group, and configuring a unique theme for each group.


  •  System running SBAdmin Network Edition

Configuring multiple themes and groups

Upon install, SBAdmin prompts to configure one user, and automatically sets up the group “main”. If all clients are to have access to all backups, using a single group is advised. However, to isolate clients and servers that only have access to other clients and servers in the group, multiple groups can be configured.

First launch the SBAdmin GUI interface from the command line.

# sbadmin

If no groups have been configured and the theme is still set to default it should look similar to the picture below. (Notice the Group name is displayed in the bottom left corner)
To add a second group, select Configure->Groups from the menu bar. A new window will display where you will enter a Group Name and an optional Description. After entering a name and description, press the Save button and the group will be created (for this example the group “Offsite” was added).At this point the graphical interface has not changed, and is still managing the group “main”. To launch a secondary interface to manage the group “Offsite” use the following command.

# sbadmin -G Offsite

This will launch a second instance of the SBAdmin GUI interface. The default theme will be used and it will appear very similar to the original instance. Notice in the bottom left corner the Group field will now show the newly configured group “Offsite”.

To change the theme of the SBAdmin for the Offsite group. Select File->Preferences->General Preferences. On the line that says “Fonts and Colors” press the Configure button. In the new window use the Theme: drop down to select a new theme from the list, a preview of the colors will be shown. For this example “Winter” was chosen. With the new theme selected press the Save button. The SBAdmin graphical interface will now be restarted and the new theme applied.

Anytime the SBAdmin GUI or Web Interface is now used to manage the group “Offsite”, Winter will be the theme.


Changing the theme for additional groups can help easily identify which SBAdmin is being used for each group, and help reduce the possibility of inadvertantly making changes to the wrong group. For more information on Groups please refer to the SBAdmin User Guide.


SBAdmin User Guide