SBAdmin and EMC Data Domain

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SBAdmin and EMC Data Domain

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Getting Started

Storix supports the use of Network devices such as an EMC Data Domain as a backup target under certain specific configurations. Configuring the Data Domain to export a share is the responsibility of the user, however we have many customers successfully writing backups to these devices.

The Storix software has no direct interface with the Data Domain as it does with IBM’s Tivoli Server. Instead, you must create a space on the device for our software to write the files. In most cases this is accomplished by creating an NFS share² and then configuring the Storix software to write to that share.

Alternately, we have had a small number of customers report interacting with the DD via a virtual tape library. SBAdmin supports tape drives and devices that conform to the SCSI-2 specification. If the virtual tape drive supports SCSI-2 and acts as a real drive, then SBAdmin should be able to utilize it. A good indication of this would be that the virtual tape drive supports all ‘mt’ command options at the command line.

Specific Recommendations

We do not have any type of relationship with EMC and therefore cannot specifically recommend any of their products. In addition, like any device manufacturer, their models change frequently so it would be very difficult for us to keep up with the latest offerings from the company.

In general, any device that can create a read/write NFS share conforming to NFS standards 2 – 4 should be compatible via the SBAdmin software. The easiest way to test this would be to see if it is mountable at the command line using the standard ‘mount’ command along with any necessary flags.

*1 Note: This article is generic in nature. For more information on configuring your Data Domain, please contact your EMC support representative.

*2 For more information on configuring network shares, please see page 19 of the SBAdmin User Guide.