Why can I not install SBAdmin software on 64-bit Linux system?

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Why can I not install SBAdmin software on 64-bit Linux system?

I received an error trying to install Storix SBA on my 64-bit linux system. The error is

This software requires the ncurses library (version 4 or 5), which
is not installed on this system. You must install ncurses from your
Linux distribution media before installing this software.

I have ncurses installed in /usr/lib64/libncurses.so.5


Most 64-bit systems have libraries installed for both 32 and 64-bit binaries. This is for compatibility for legacy applications that have not been recompiled for 64-bit. (Since most applications do not take advantage of the additional memory space). Some Linux distributions do not install these additional Legacy libraries by default. Below is a link that describes the issue. (It refers to zSeries, but is valid for other system architectures).


For now, Storix recommends that you install the additional library sets because you may experience additional errors with other 3rd party applications until most systems are 64-bit.

Below is a link to a FAQ on Redhat’s website that will describe how to install the 32-bit libraries.