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Can One Backup Solution Really Do It All?
Not really.

Being able to rapidly recover all your systems is more valuable than having a single backup solution

Yes, there are several popular backup solutions that claim to be able to back up anything and everything you have in your IT environment. But when it comes to enabling you to restore enterprise systems running on Linux and Unix quickly after a crash—which is the whole point of having backup solutions in the first place—most of these solutions fall far short.To keep your data safe and your business moving forward in any circumstances, you need to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that goes beyond a single backup solution.This new white paper from Storix busts the myth that a single backup solution can meet all the needs of organizations running any combination of Windows, Apple, Linux and Unix systems.

Read “Busting a Myth—Can One Backup Solution Really Do It All?” to learn:

  • What data-only backups lack for full disaster recovery of your business applications.
  • Why image-only backups don’t provide a complete solution for replacing a physical server.
  • The 3 limitations and special considerations for restoring onto new hardware.
  • The one alternative that really works for restoring your entire system onto bare metal or virtual machines.
  • How a file-based backup and recovery solution offers the best odds for minimizing your downtime—and the impact on your bottom line.

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