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Advanced Features Network Edition Workstation Edition TSM
Adaptable System Recovery (ASR)
Restore to same or different hardware

Graphical (GUI), command-line and web interface

Random and sequential tape library support

No-prompt system installation

Migrate to different disk configuration

Change software storage configuration

Support for all major filesystem types (ZFS & LVM)

Comprehensive Backup Management
Centralized network backup management

Multiple Backup Groups

Defined User Roles

Full-system backups (optionally include raw devices)

Filesystem, file & directory backups

Raw device backups

Exclude lists

Auto-verify backups

Backup history and performance statistics

Selective and wildcard restores

Backup retention policies

Backup scheduling, monitoring and queuing

Tape labels

Backup status notifications

Snapshot backups

Backup/restore virtual systems (VMware, Xen, LPAR, LDoms)

Up to 256-bit AES data encryption*

Backup and system installation media
Local tape

Local disk

Local NFS mount

Remote tape

Remote disk

TSM server*

System installation boot media

Local tape (with system hardware support)

Local hard disk

Network boot from SBAdmin server

* Denotes that feature requires additional optional feature license