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Manage different OSs from one product.

Solaris Bare-Metal Recovery

Creating full system backups of your Oracle Solaris systems have never been more crucial. With storage innovations such as ZFS and Solaris Volume Manager (SVM), you can tailor your storage for the best possible I/O performance and system availability using striping, mirroring, specific disk placement, etc. After a full system failure, recovering a Solaris server to its previous configuration can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Add a change in disk or system hardware to the process and you may experience days of downtime and lost revenues.

SBAdmin is designed to provide bare-metal recovery Oracle Solaris systems in their entirety, quickly and reliably so that you are able to resume operations with minimal downtime and effort. SBAdmin will do so in such a manner that you may restore the system to the same, similar, or completely different hardware using what we call Adaptable System Recovery (ASR). With ASR, you do not need to worry about keeping identical hardware available in case of a disaster. Your offsite recovery plan can be simplified by restoring production systems onto whatever hardware (physical or ldom) is readily available.

  • Solaris Volume Manager (SVM)
  • ZFS filesystems and volumes
  • All major filesystems including OCFS2, UFS, UDFS and PCFS
  • SPARC (sun4u & sun4v)
  • Intel/x86 & x64
  • Solaris 9 version 9/05 and later
  • Solaris 10 version 1/06 – 8/11
  • Solaris 11, 11.1

Please note: SBAdmin for Solaris is EOL. Last supported version of Solaris is 11.1

A better Replacement for Flash Archive

Most systems administrators relied on flash archive as their tool of choice for bare-metal recovery of their Solaris systems. As of the release of Solaris 11, flash archive (flar images) are no longer available. This introduces the problem of having to reinstall the operating system prior to performing any data restores of a failed system. With Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin), we provide superior restore capabilities to flash archive and support Solaris 11 as well as legacy Solaris systems.

system recovery from local or remote storage
  • Tape (including autoloaders and libraries)
  • Disk (including SAN devices)
  • NFS
  • TSM Server

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