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Download Trial Software

To download the FREE 30-day evaluation version of SBAdmin click here.
You should only select this option if you are a installing the software for the first time or are updating a currently installed trial version of the software. The trial version of SBAdmin is fully functional and you are entitled to full support during the evaluation period. Instructions will be provided for installing the software after selecting the link.
Do not use the trial software to update a currently licensed version of the software.

Download/Update Licensed Software (SBAdmin Version 8.x)

To download the licensed version of SBAdmin click here.
You should select this option if you already have a SBAdmin Version 8 license key and wish to install or update the latest level of the software. You will be asked to log into the support page of our site and you should then use the download options available.

Upgrade SBAdmin software from Version 7.x to Version 8.x

Upgrading a current software installation to SBAdmin version 8.x will require a new license key. To check your eligibility and to receive the new key click here. Once you have obtained the version 8 key, you may then download and install the latest licensed software here. To view a How-To document on upgrading software to SBAdmin version 8 click here.

Change Logs:
Click here for the AIX change log
Click here for the Linux change log
Click here for the Solaris change log

Current Release Level:

OS Platform Type Version Last Modified MD5SUM
AIX     IBM pSeries October 22, 2014     b3eeeb362a446385d758c74bd312cb0e
Solaris     x86/Intel October 22, 2014     5e57251316d3d4ccf0b4d290122638c1
Solaris     Sun SPARC October 22, 2014     6e48f1cd926b0fc35b917bcf44122523
Linux     x86 64-bit October 22, 2014     23d21a707210d65559542335e3b74678
Linux     x86 32-bit October 22, 2014     1701846643fbe80fd0951c0dbc7fa39c
Linux     IBM pSeries October 22, 2014     5eb6da5a0e9ae34705f957419ba123d2

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