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Backup Management

Software designed to scale from a single system to multiple datacenters.

Backup Management

Important considerations in any backup software solution are the features provided to manage the backup environment and the tools available that make the management simple. In addition, you want your backup product to be cost-effective by supporting the resources you currently have and be scalable to allow for growth in your environment.

With SBAdmin, backup management is both robust and simplified.

While the most profound feature of SBAdmin is the ability to perform full system, bare-metal recovery using Adaptable System Recovery (ASR), all features you would expect to find related to backup management in competing products will be found in SBAdmin. In addition, SBAdmin will provide you with advanced features that are designed to make SBAdmin the only backup solution necessary in your environment.

SBAdmin makes no assumptions about your level of knowledge regarding the operating system and prides itself on the fact that most users will typically get the software installed and a backup running within minutes rather than hours or days.