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Why have different products for different OS types?

SBAdmin Enabled on IBM PureFlex

Rapid deployment of SBAdmin

IBM PureFlex System is a comprehensive infrastructure system that provides an expert integrated system. It combines servers, enterprise storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single structure. With the SBAdmin backup appliance for PureFlex, you can download a preconfigured backup server pattern ready to handle your Linux, PowerLinux and AIX system backups for disaster recovery.

Migrations to IBM PureFlex

Moving to PureFlex? How you configure storage in a PureFlex environment may be different than a standalone system or basic LPARs attached to a single VIO server. With SBAdmin, you can flexibly migrate existing non-PureFlex systems into your PureFlex environment to take advantage of automated scaling of resources and true workload mobility. Using our process of Adaptable System Recovery, you can migrate your systems while changing the storage configuration to better utilize your resources.

Peace of Mind

SBAdmin is the only flexible bare-metal backup and recovery product available for AIX, Linux, and PowerLinux in IBM PureFlex environments. By delivering both simplicity and flexibility in the system recovery process, your system images can be rapidly deployed or recovered - greatly reducing your Recovery Time Objective (RTO).