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Can I change settings of network interfaces during recovery?

Can I change settings of network interfaces during recovery?

ANSWER (Linux)

When the SBAdmin Linux system recovery process brings up the network interface used for the recovery, it will do so with the default link speed and duplex settings.

However, the 'mii-tool' is included on the boot media (if it was available on the client used to create the media) and you may manually change these values by dropping to a maintenance shell from the recovery menus and utilizing the 'mii-tool' at the command line.


There is actually a way to do this easly if you know the attribute name that is needed to change the device setting (the "chdev" command cannot be used in the maintenance shell) but if you know the attribute you can apply it manually.

To determine the attribute to change (which differs for each type of adapter), you can run the following from a normal system boot:

lsattr -El ent0

If the last column shows "true" then this attribute can be changed as in the following example:

1) Configure the network using "Change Install Server or Device"
option from the Main Menu.
2) From the Main Menu, select "Perform System Recovery", then
select "Start a Maintenance Shell".
3) From the shell prompt, type:
. /usr/lpp/storix/bin/procs/cfgnet.sh (don't omit the ". ")
For example:
cfgnet full_duplex=yes,tx_que_size=128
4) Type "exit" to return to the Main Menu

This will unconfigure the network previously configured for system installation, apply the new attribute(s), and reconfigure the network. You can then continue the installation normally. If you experience network problems after applying the change, then an invalid or incompatible attribute was applied.