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Backup Management

Software designed to scale from a single system to multiple datacenters.

Backup Staging

As the need for system availability increases, especially in 24x7 operations, reducing the amount of time required to perform a backup becomes an important consideration. Just as imperative as minimizing backup windows is the ability to retain backups at offsite storage for disaster preparedness. While a backup to local disk (disk-to-disk or D2D) is typically the fastest possible media, it does not provide you with the the safeguards necessary that offsite storage provides and can require considerable resources.

SBAdmin allows you to perform a backup in stages. This allows a backup to be completed more quickly by backing up to the fastest possible media first. Then, in order to store the backup on another device (disk or tape) or another system, you may offload the disk backup to a more permament (and usually slower) backup media.

SBAdmin provides not only the ability to copy a backup residing on disk to tape, but can copy backups from any SBAdmin backup media (local or remote) to any other SBAdmin backup media (also local or remote).

Backup staging provides the following capabilities:
  • Copy any disk backup to disk on any other server (D2D2D)
  • Copy any disk backup to tape on any other server (D2D2T)
  • Copy any tape backup to tape on any other server (D2T2T)
  • Copy any tape backup to disk on any other server (D2T2D)

Backup staging for AIX, Linux and Solaris

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