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About Us

Sysadmins creating software for Sysadmins.
Disaster Recovery Planning

While there are many options to prevent data loss (i.e. RAID, LVM Mirroring, etc.), none of these options will help to recover your business when disaster strikes. As businesses in the vicinity of Hurricane Sandy found out, unless you have your data offsite you are vulnerable to heavy losses trying to get servers back online.

Backup to NFS Shares

´╗┐SBAdmin Support for Backups to NFS Share

Many of the features found in SBAdmin were developed based on suggestions submitted by current and prospective users. One such suggestion is the ability to utilize storage on a NFS server. This feature was added in the release of SBAdmin v8.1 and is supported by both the Network Edition and Workstation Edition license types.

iPad Promotion Winner

Recent iPad/Nexus 7 winners!

Storix has run a promotion in September and November whereby anyone who attends a Live Webinar of SBAdmin® was entered into a drawing for an Apple iPad.  The winners for were:

September – J. Bast
October – No promotion
November – TBD (drawing to be held November 30th)

Storix also gave away Nexus 7 tablets to three lucky attendees at the IBM Power Systems Technical University in October.  Those winners were:

R. Narayanaswamy
E. Seabold
J. Harmon

The promotions continue in December!  Check out the Webinar link for a chance to win the all new iPad Mini!